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Please contact Dawn St.Michel, cafeteria manager,

with any questions about the lunch program. 

Her email is and

her direct line is: 770-254-5961

 Carroll County School Nutrition achieves certification in the New Healthier School Meals.
Money can be deposited into a student's account using the on-line prepayment option.

We welcome the opportunity to provide your student with nutritious, appetizing meals at school! It has been proven that a hungry child cannot learn, and our meals provide one-forth to one-third of the daily nutritional requirements for children. The Georgia Department of Education recently commended our school nutrition program for exceeding the nutritional goals for school meals. Our meals must comply with the USDA’s guidelines for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, carbohydrates and calories. Our enthusiastic employees look forward to providing a key component to your student’s success: healthy meals.

Parents are invited to eat lunch with their child throughout the year. The price of an adult meal is $3.50.

The mission of the Carroll County School Nutrition Program is to provide nutritious meals to students so that they will be more prepared to learn. Breakfast and lunch are offered in all of our schools and students are able to choose from various menu options.

Regular Price: $1.35
Reduced Price:$ .30
Adults: $1.75
Regular Price: $2.25
Reduced Price: $.40
Adults: $3.50
Extra milk: $0.50
​Bowdon  Elementary has an excellent cafeteria staff that works hard to provide high quality and enjoyable meals each day. If a child has a food allergy, parents should provide a medical note for the school file. The lunchroom staff makes every effort to work with the parents in providing alternate food items where allergies are noted. If a sack lunch is brought from home, any drink must be in a thermos. No soft drinks are allowed in the cafeteria during lunch. Food ordered from restaurants (including fast-food) should not be brought into the cafeteria during lunchtime.
Free or Reduced Lunch:  Click here for application
Some students may qualify for free or reduced priced meals based on family income and household size. If students do not qualify for free meals, they are expected to pay for their meals at the time of service. It is strongly recommended that parents prepay for their child’s meals. Since every student has a computerized meal account, parents may deposit as much money as they wish into their child’s account. If you do not wish for your child to eat breakfast or buy extra food items, please notify the Lunchroom manager so your child’s account can be noted.

The following procedure should be used for paying for breakfast and lunch. Students give their homeroom teacher all lunch and breakfast money in a sealed envelope first thing on Monday morning. (Other monies for snack, ice cream, field trips, etc., must be sent separately.) Please send separate checks for the lunchroom. DO NOT include other school business in the lunchroom checks. Please send your money or check in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, amount sent, and the child’s student number. It is helpful to put the child’s name on the memo section of the check, especially if the child’s last name is different from the checking account holder.